Top 6 Reasons Why Enterprise CIOs Love Snowflake
In the dynamic landscape of enterprise data management, Snowflake has emerged as a game-changer, garnering significant attention (and affection) from Chief Information Officers (CIOs). A testament to its impact is the fact that 83% of Fortune 500 companies are reported to have adopted Snowflake for their cloud data needs. This underscores Snowflake's appeal among enterprise...
January 30, 2024
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5 Signs Your Enterprise App Needs to Be Modernized
Enterprise apps play a crucial role in business operations — managing processes, automating workflow, and ensuring smooth communication. However, like any other tech asset, these apps have a limited lifespan. Amid rapid technological progress, spotting signs of an outdated enterprise app isn't always straightforward. To navigate the tech maze, it's vital to identify subtle cues...
January 23, 2024
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Top 5 UX Trends eCommerce CxOs Must Pay Attention To
The eCommerce stakes are higher than ever. In 2023, US retail eCommerce was worth $910 billion, highlighting the impact of digital transactions. An estimated 2.64 billion global consumers had completed at least one online buy in 2023, showcasing eCommerce's increasing role in our daily routines. And the growth will continue. Global eCommerce sales are predicted...
January 18, 2024
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2024 Cloud Trends for The Enterprise CIO
The new year is here. And with it, new goals, aspirations, and ambitions, especially for the C-suite as it tries to navigate unpredictable market forces. With CIOs facing the wrath of unexpected budget cuts, inflation, and below-expected increases in revenues, the pressure to deliver business value from technology initiatives – without additional resources – is...
January 9, 2024
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The Top 3 Enterprise Automation Trends That Will Occupy the Minds of CIOs in 2024
A 2022 report by McKinsey says that 70% of companies across industries are automating one or more business functions. Many of these initiatives are already presenting results. For example, 66% of the companies using automation are reporting one or more benefits like reduced costs, improved efficiency, faster work, and better customer satisfaction. As the benefits...
December 20, 2023
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Is the Digital Transformation Dream Dead?
In the wake of KPMG's 2023 US Technology Survey, the digital transformation narrative has come under scrutiny. The headline revelation that 51% of US respondents report no performance or profitability boost from recent investments sparked concerns. This survey exposes critical challenges, with 47% citing a lack of governance and coordination as a primary hindrance. As...
December 11, 2023
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