Al Led Automation

Without leadership and coordination, adoption of automation tools will continue to proliferate throughout the IT organization, including tools with overlapping functions.

  • At re:code, we see the transformation across industries in leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate IT and business processes. As organizations try to be nimble, identifying and automating mundane and repeatable processes is a must..
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Big Data & Analytics

re:code services are focused on increasing our client's capabilities in this space in every step of their journey foundation, self-service data, democratization, data mining and discovery,

  • and predictive, prescriptive analytics from structured and unstructured data..
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Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a fascinating technological advancement whereby computers can ‘see’ real word items, almost in the same way as humans can.

  • Every day consumers and businesses are becoming
  • more reliant on computer vision technology and are benefiting from the many rewards that it
  • provides.
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Cloud Computing

At re:code we see cloud adoption as a transformation journey that an enterprise undertakes to make their IT landscape agile and nimble and thereby reduce time-to-market..

  • Reduce your cloud assessment timeline by 50% with Cloud Fast Framework
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Digital Experience

The bar for digital experience is rising in exponentially. In today’s world you just can’t separate digital experience from your business, brand, and customer experience strategies..

  • That’s because digital is at the core of absolutely everything–and needs to tie all the way back to (and through) the heart of your business.
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Sourcing Advisory: IT

At re:code, we see CIOs constantly being challenged on their budget and spend and this is primarily because of not able to articulate the business value generated by IT

  • Being viewed as a cost center, there is constant pressure to reduce cost when organizations constantly look for opportunities to improve bottom-line.
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