KamerAI: Visual Analytics Platform for Enterprises

KamerAI is a real-time Computer Vision based Automation platform for Enterprises that, like a human, can see (objects, alignments, etc.), perceive, make reliable sense, and yet predict beyond what a human can, to initiate timely action.

  • No platform that integrates with enterprise ecosystems exists today
  • Synthetic Data Generator module has the ability to create 1080° view of industrial objects for creating automated recognition models

Today’s challenge

The leap from today’s decisionmaking in the enterprise equipment world to full autonomy is the ability to make sense out of Visual (Camera) Data. Enterprises have invested heavily in cameras but not able to make sense out of their output…

Visual Data Analytics is a necessity and game-changer for autonomy

The Power of Vision: creating new synergies for decision making

Today enterprises are not setup for Visual Data Analytics as they do not leverage existing investments on cameras and their outputs

Face Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection System uses existing IP cameras and CCTV cameras combined with Computer Vision to detect people without masks.

Social Distancing Detection

Computer Vision based system to monitor/alert non compliance of social distancing norms in your work environment.

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Product Portfolio

Time Keeping System

Barcode Scanning

Object Dimensioning

Social Distancing Measure

Optical Code Recognition

Hard Hat Detection

Face Mask


Unattended Object Identification

Perimeter Security

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