Legacy Modernization & Enterprise Integration as IT Partner to US Retail Chain for Its Ambitious Customer-First Digital Makeover

How we demonstrated quick wins with 171% uptick in e-commerce sales, after we rolled out their new, fully-integrated IT infrastructure to support a screaming-fast digital experience for online customers.


Headquartered in the US, our client is a retailer with operations across North America. It operates through 155 retail locations in 15 states.
As part of a major modernization program to grow the share of its e-commerce sales, the company’s strategy was to drive its Prequalify and LTO business (Limited-Time Offers).


To reduce its reliance on its legacy AS400 infrastructure, this client was looking to digitalize rapidly by implementing an e-commerce platform that inducted a high-quality, next gen architecture into the organization.
To achieve this, the client had selected the leading BigCommerce™ platform. They were looking for quick wins from this significant investment in their new enterprise-wide technology backbone.
The new enterprise infrastructure would run secure, scalable, stable code, and yet enable speed and flexibility through APIs. Another business-critical goal was that it would deliver a screaming-fast, Customer-First digital experience to customers.
The client was simultaneously rewiring their organization to concentrating on the three strategic pillars branding, marketing, and customer service, while moving logistics to a third party.


The Recode team went into mission mode to deliver this enterprise transformation project as a 100% Agile execution, targeting business impact right from the get-go.
A greenfield implementation, we designed it to serve all BigCommerce functions cloud-first. All key e-commerce functionality rolled out included:
  • My Cart and My Checkout
  • My Credit
  • My Account and PDP (product detail page)
  • Search, Navigation, Home, and Category
  • My Inventory and My Order
  • My Personalization
  • My Supply Chain and My Showroom
  • Site Marketing, Email, and SMS
  • CDP (customer data platform) integration.
Since this was an enterprise-wide modernization, we ensured that many “moving parts” were integrated to deliver a finely-tuned, high-performance business engine for this client:
  • UX managed through Stencil Framework
  • MuleSoft as the API management solution for key services, like Services Catalog, Pub-Sub Messaging, Secrets Management, and others
  • Enterprise integration using Mule
  • Native integration for Marketplace Apps
  • A Marketing API to launch Responsys and Vibes that hosts/sends all emails for the business and integrate to both BigCommerce and Magento
  • We custom re-engineered certain key modules, such as the Product Catalog, Credit Services, CDP, Inventory to craft specific functionalities for the client
  • End-to-end automated testing built and leveraged for functional, performance, and load testing.
As IT partner to this client in its big bang modernization gameplan, we successfully delivered a scalable and responsive next gen architecture.


Our client leapfrogged its present clunky legacy environment to quickly gain a reliable, modern “screaming-fast” infrastructure that supports its business strategy. Our quick, 100% Agile, big bang integration was rolled out without major disruption well within the client’s target timelines.
  • IT modernization has been a key driver powering the total retail sales increase of 22.7% in fiscal year 2022.
  • Perhaps more importantly, we’re supporting the client’s objective of growing the share of its e-commerce business, where revenues jumped 171% to a record $71.3 million.
  • Our successful integration strategy to integrate the many moving parts of this enterprise system is seen from the high availability rate of 99% for the secure APIs. High interconnectedness empowers users with sophisticated functionality and drives process throughput. It also enables the most-crucial “screaming-fast,” Customer-First digital experience that the client is targeting for its e-commerce clientele.
  • By adopting the dropship capabilities of the new system, the client has realized a 30% increase in customer acquisition rates and 20% reduction in shipping costs. This supports the retailer’s strategic requirement of focusing on its brand and customer experience (CX), and outsource logistics and shipment to specialist vendors to drive its e-commerce growth plans.
Indeed, our modernization of the legacy architecture has introduced other multidimensional IT benefits:
  • Reduced the client’s dependency on the old AS400 technology.
  • Enabled a cloud-first architecture.
  • Improved DevSecOps efficiency with automated build/deploy. Built-in code scans reduce our risk of being hacked as well.
  • Increased compliance and security to meet organizational requirements and industry standards, which was missing before.
  • We have achieved improved monitoring and actioning capabilities. By providing personalization and timely, high-quality reporting, we’re helping users realize valuable business insights.
Our client is all set to leverage its spanking-new, omni-channel SaaS platform to power its e-commerce business for 70% YOY growth.
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