The first step we will take, is to assess your current IT structure to ensure the process of migrating to a fully cloud-based system will not disrupt critical business operations. This can often be a long drawn out process but our ‘Cloud Fast Framework’ tool, reduces the length of time it takes to assess cloud systems by 80%, for minimal impact on your business operations.

The ‘Cloud Fast Framework’ is our agent-based tool which crawls across software and hardware assets to deliver holistic cloud migration recommendations. We will work with you to combine your existing company setups and accelerate your cloud migration with our flexible framework and templates.

Some of our cloud computing features include:

  • Minimise workload involved with cloud migration to virtually nothing.
  • Improve control of operating costs and IT operations with Cloud Ops
  • Incorporate specific business policies (e.g. compliance requirements)
  • Flexible maintenance toolkit with predefined schedule as per business needs e.g. month end, quarterly, or peak seasons
  • Improve analytics and provide an overview of analytical data to senior management
  • Simple to use dashboard setup
  • Cloud mapping, cost factors and architectural recommendations
  • Routine check-ups to confirm that current and new environments are in sync
  • Monitoring dashboard with PCIM tool for automatic incident logging
  • Technology dashboard providing visibility of vulnerabilities in the environment, outdated software and technology risks

You need an effective mechanism to identify which components of your infrastructure, network and apps should be moved to the cloud and when. Our cloud computing software is the most detailed and efficient way to do this. Get in touch for a no- obligation chat about how we can help you successfully migrate to cloud computing.

No. It is critical that you implement continued maintenance and check-ups to avoid external risks and keep up-to-date with continually changing technologies. You will need to establish an ‘Apps Cloud Operations’ guideline to support the technology and ensure it continues to run seamlessly. Once installed we will do everything for you, so you don’t have to worry.