Introducing Talpal

Our innovative human resources software, TalPal, significantly improves efficiency throughout the entire recruitment process. By seamlessly managing every stage of hiring new recruits, from receiving an application, through to employing the best person, the entire interview and recruitment process is automated. HR departments can also benefit from reduced administrative duties and better time management by using TalPal, saving an average of 27 days hire-time for each recruit.

  • Applied
  • HR Screening
  • Hiring Manager Review
  • Interviewing
  • Hired

TalPal Benefits

  • Significant time savings on administrative duties
  • Reduced human error and bias
  • Provides a seamless recruitment experience for applicants
  • Promotes brand values
  • Offers a complete HR package for the best outcome
  • Generates cost savings of up to 4 times per hire
  • Uses a candidate centric hiring approach
  • Eliminates unsuitable candidates quickly

Complete overview of candidates and their abilities

Simple dashboard view

Preparation of interview questionnaires

Create specific questions for candidates or select from a library of pre-approved questions

Automated interview scheduling

Manage interview scheduling and follow ups

Automatic candidate Hire Recommendation

Receive a ‘score’ and recommendation about the suitability of each candidate

Talpal Fully Automates Sequential Processes From Beginning to End

  • SOX Privecy Complaint
  • Mobile & web browser compatible
  • Cloud hosted
  • Promotes company brand