At Re:code we often see situations where CIO’s are being challenged on their budget expenditure and the costs involved implementing new IT systems . More often than not this is because it is difficult to articulate the business value generated by IT processes to non-IT experts. It is also hard for those in charge of budgets to justify expenses for something they may not fully understand based on the view of just one person. Recode can design a template which captures the business value associated with IT systems from the conception of a project, and track its efficiency throughout implementation and beyond. Our overview will describe in simple, well-articulated terms, any opportunities and risks gained from various IT systems supported by unambiguous metrics.

Further, we will include any new technological advancements and innovative industry solutions, should we believe they will help modernise and transform your IT system into a more beneficial set up tailored to your businesses individual needs. Included will also be a roadmap to developing a process for measuring, tracking and reporting on the project’s success.

The market is changing rapidly with a frantic pace of technology advancement. It is easy for busy CIOs dealing with operational and administrative duties, to miss opportunities that could significantly modernise and improve existing IT ecosystems. Our external and expert views provide an unbiased cross-industry viewpoint.

Our IT Sourcing Advisory service aims to shift IT perspectives from a cost- controlled environment towards a profit-making environment. It enables IT departments to take further lead whilst collaborating with other business departments, to bring in state of the art technologies and concepts, to improve a company’s top and bottom-line growth.