Think back to the last time you used a scanning app on your phone, logged into your mobile with Apple’s facial recognition, saw a photo on snapchat with bunny ears on the persons head, or maybe even deposited a cheque by taking a photo on your banking app.

All these things and many more require computer vision technology. The use of cameras and sensors are rapidly becoming the norm and businesses are continually coming up with new ways to use computer vision for better consumer experiences. By first giving computers the power to ‘see’, and then realising it was possible for computers to comprehend and differentiate between the things they could see, has led to ground-breaking changes in the way businesses and consumers operate.

The process behind this involves designing complex artificial systems. Machines then use these systems to self- learn how to obtain information from images, using neurons (similar to the human nervous system). For machines and their neurons to learn how to do something (in this case understand and differentiate images), they need to be given data to learn from. This is where developers come in; by continually working to design large data inventories for machines to learn from.

Our innovative software developers have designed advanced computer vision technology that can be applied across many industries. Industries that can use our computer vision software include; medical, transportation, gaming, smart phones, retail, nutrition, banking and more. We continually develop data inventories for the most advanced and complex computer vision processing to take place and have achieved some unimaginable breakthroughs with our work.

Re:code help clients and their products reach maximum potential and can implement the basic tools required to meet increasing consumer demands and catch up with competitors. For more complex problems or to advance companies even further, we can help clients develop new innovative computer vision technology for their specific consumer experience or operational goals. Our services always start with a consultation to ensure we fully understand your needs and so that we can advise on the best possible uses of computer vision for your company.

There are so many opportunities created when companies start using computer vision technology. Benefits apply to the efficiency of internal operations, marketing, and your end products and services. The industry is advancing at an extremely rapid rate and before too long companies that have not got on board the computer vision journey will find they will be left behind in a competitive technological world. No matter what your industry, computer vision can be applied to improve many aspects of your business and quickly lead to substantial growth.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to computer vision. With continual innovative developments in this area, it is likely that we will soon be operating in such a way that it would be hard to imagine life without it. Some examples of common ways companies use computer vision to get ahead are;

  • Realtime product and content discovery.
  • Marketing analytics and advanced targeting with direct links to products supplied to consumers that are viewing images of similar products online.
  • Tracking people’s movements for improved workplace safety.
  • Facial recognition for software access or electronic device use.
  • Improved security when using apps, making financial transactions, or dealing with confidential information.
  • Gathering data without the manual input of complex numbers and sequences.
  • Enhancement of photographic and video tools on popular consumer apps and social media.